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Online purchasing from other dealers

Want to order a gun from another website and have it shipped to you? No problem!

We are a full service FFL (Federal Firearms Licensed) dealer. If you order a firearm on another website or store, you can have it shipped to us and we'll take care of the paperwork. There's a $100 transfer fee, a $40.69 registration fee (DROS) and we handle the background check. California tax must also be paid on the purchase amount for the firearm (7.75%). So basically, here's how it works:

It may be less expensive to negotiate with us first before paying all transfer and shipping fees.

  1. You contact us about the transfer
  2. You buy a firearm from another dealer
  3. You provide the dealer with our info
  4. It gets shipped to us and we contact you upon it's arrival
  5. You come in for background paperwork

Private party transfers

Want to buy a gun from a private party? No problem!

Sales conducted between unlicensed individuals are called Private Party Transfers. PPT's must be brokered through licensed dealers. Both parties must be present at the time of the sale. The purchaser bears the cost of the transaction ($47.19) and must meet all of the qualifications as outlined above. The firearms will remain at Southern California Gun during the 10-day waiting period.

Consignment Sales

Contact us about what you want to sell. We will discuss what you have and whether we think we can do a good job selling them for you. We do not provide estimates or range of values for firearms over the phone. If we agree that we are a good match for your needs bring your firearms to the store.

We will inspect and review the items and recommend selling prices. Once numbers have been determined we will sign a consignment contract with you. We will not take items on consignment at prices that we think are unrealistic. The goal is to advertise and sell your firearm at a fair market price.

The minimum contract period for consignment is 60 days. However we recommend a longer period, typically upwards of 6 months, for the item to be properly exposed to the buying public. We have a large number of active collectors who visit our store weekly to inspect recently purchased and consigned firearms. The contract period will also permit us to advertise through online based programs to reach the broader public. In our experience 80-90% of properly priced items will sell within the six month period.

During the contract period we are responsible for the security and safety of your items in our possession. They will receive the same care and secure storage as our personal inventory. Your firearm is insured for the consigned value.

When your merchandise has been sold you will receive a check for the sales prices less the determined commission. The check will be mailed directly to you.

Standard commission rate is subject to many factors and may fluctuate on a case by case basis. However, the consignment sale process is the best way to maximize the return on the sale of your firearm.

Please keep in mind that when consigning your firearm you are transferring the responsibility of the firearm to us. When the item is consigned the state is notified via the Firearm Dealer Acquisition System (FDAS). The firearm must remain in our possession for a minimum of 30 days. You will not be able to get the firearm back during this period under any circumstances.

If you elect to cancel the consignment agreement prior to the 60 day window there is a $45 cancellation fee. If at some point after the 60 day minimum contract period you elect to cancel the consignment the firearm will be returned to you via DROS. The DROS process requires a 10 day waiting period and is $47.19.

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