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Springfield Armory

IN STOCK! Springfield Trapdoors!

Springfield Trapdoor

The Springfield "Trapdoor". Truly one of the guns which “Won the West” the trapdoor served as the standard longarm for U.S. forces in most of the major Indian engagements and in forts and garrisons throughout the U.S.

Production began in 1873 and continued into the 1890’s. Many variations were created during this period. All models being chambered in 45-70 government.

Southern California Gun is proud to offer a variety of models of the famous “Trapdoor” for sale on our showroom floor.

SoCal Gun's Used Inventory - UPDATED 03/30/2023

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Make/Model Description/Condition Price
Winchester 1894

Factory deluxe model with pistol grip. Chambered in 38-55. 26" octagonal barrel. Professionally restored. 1895. Lettered w/ Cody museum. pic pic pic


H&R Trapper Revolver chambered in .22LR. 6" barrel.   400.00
Springfield 1870 Trapdoor model with 32" barrel and bayonet. Chambered in 50-70. pic pic pic ANTIQUE 1500.00
Fulton SXS Side by side shotgun (20Ga) with 28" barrels hardwood stock, splinter forend. Clean bores.pic pic   600.00
Blaser R93 Bolt action rifle in .308Win. Engraved coin finish receiver with hardwood stock. 22" barrel. Straight pull action. pic pic 3500.00
Winchester 1873 Lever action rifle in 38-40. 24" octagonal barrel. All original. Made in 1884. pic 3000.00
Marlin 410 Lever action rifle in .410. 22" barrel in blue finish with hardwood stock. pic 1500.00
Japanese Nambu  WWII Semi-auto pistol in 8mm. Blue finish with 4.5" barrel. Includes holster and 2 mags. pic pic pic 1600.00
Steyr M Bolt action rifle chambered in .270Win. 23.5" barrel. Dual set triggers. pic pic 1795.00
Winchester 1873 Classic lever action in 38-40. 24" round barrel with excellent bore. Lots of blue finish. 1889.  pic pic pic 4500.00
Brown Southerner Single shot derringer in .41 rimfire with swing out 2" barrel.  pic   500.00
Sako Finnfire II Bolt action rifle chambered in 17HMR. Walnut stock with 22" barrel. Clean.  pic  pic SOLD
Browning A5 "Sweet Sixteen" semi-auto shotgun (16Ga) in blue finish with 27.5" barrel 1400.00
Browning Mdl 12 Pump action shotgun (20Ga). Hardwood stock with 26" barrel. SOLD
Springfield Trap Door Bergman Custom in 50-90. Case hardened receiver. Custom stock. Fire blue accents.  2000.00
Vetterli (Italy) Bolt action rifle. Reordnanced in 6.5 Carcano. 33" barrel.   500.00
DWM 1900 Swiss Semi-auto pistol in .30luger. Military model with 4.75" barrel. Excellent condition. 6000.00
Japan Nambu Semi-auto pistol chambered in 8mm nambu. 4.75" barrel. 1000.00
Iver Johnson Single shot break action. .44 caliber smooth bore with 24.5" barrel   200.00
Lefever SxS Side by side shotgun (12ga). 30" damascus barrels. Splinter forend   800.00
DWM 1900 American Eagle Semi-auto luger pistol in 30 Luger. 4.75" barrel. 4000.00
A.H. Fox Sterlingworth Side by side shotgun (16Ga) with 28" barrels. splinter forend. Double trigger with extractors. 1500.00
Kimber Classic S/S Target Early model 1911 from Kimber in 45ACP. Stainless finish with 5" barrel and adjustable rear sight. REDUCED 1250.00
Taurus 85 Snub-nose revolver in 38Spl. Blue finish, 2" barrel. Factory box.   450.00
Mauser K98 Bolt action rifle in 8x57. Waffenmarked, BYF, 1942, stepped barrel. Sporterized stock. SOLD
Remington 700 Police Bolt action rifle chambered in 338 Lapua. 26" barrel with integrated brake. Fiberglass McMillan stock.  1800.00
Mauser 98 Bolt action rifle in 8mm. Fitted with 23" Bull barrel set on hardwood stock   700.00
Colt Official Police Classic revolver in 22lr. 6" barrel in blue finish with wood grips. Clean! 1000.00
Morocco Snaphance Flintlock rifle with 36" barrel. Ornate silver and bone work. Unique sample of North African weaponry. REDUCED   995.00
French Target Pistol Ornate percussion pistol. 10" barrel. .45 Ball. Carved wood handle with Octagonal barrel. Custom engraving. REDUCED   995.00
Ottoman Flintlock Custom pistol with ornate silver sheathing. .50ball. 10" barrel. REDUCED 1500.00
Uberti Walker Dragoon Cap and ball revolver. .44 caliber. Made by Cimarron with 9" barrel in antique finish. Original box and papers. BLACK POWDER   725.00
Ruger SP101 Revolver in 32 H&R Mag. 3" barrel in stainless finish. Discontinued model.   700.00
Winchester Mdl 70 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Grey synth stock with 24" barrel.    600.00
Springfield Allin Conversion 1866 Single shot trapdoor in 50-70Govt. Finished in the white with 36" barrel and hardwood stock. Allin Conversion. Good condition. ANTIQUE 2000.00
Ruger M77 Bolt action rifle in 7x57.  23" barrel in blue finish with hardwood stock and scope.   700.00
Colt Walker Cap and ball revolver in .44. Case hardened frame with brass accents. 9" round barrel wood grips. Engraved cylinder. Orig box 1400.00
Springfield 1884 Trap Door Single shot rifle in 45-70. Early model with breechblock stamped 1873. 32.5" barrel. Walnut stock. Buffington rear sight. ANTIQUE  1000.00
Springfield 1868 Trap Door Single shot rifle in 50-70. Breechblock dated 1869. Lock plate 1865. Two-band model with 32.5" barrel. Clean cartouche. ANTIQUE  1250.00
Springfield 1888 Trap Door Single shot rifle in 45-70. Breechblock dated 1884. Lock plate undated. Sliding ramrod bayonet. The last version of the trapdoor models. Clean! SOLD
Ruger NM Blackhawk Single action revolver in .41Mag. Blue finish with 4.75" barrel. Wood grips. Original box, manual. SOLD
Ithaca  600 Over and under shotgun (12ga). Engraved receiver in blue finish with hardwood stock. 28" barrels (Cyl/Cyl).   750.00
Stevens  No 35 Single shot break action pistol (22lr). 8" barrel. Wood grips.   600.00
Simeon North 1819 Flintlock pistol. .54Cal ball. 10" barrel. ANTIQUE  2400.00
Springfield Allin Conversion 1866 Single shot rifle in 50-70. 2-Band model with 36" barrel. Breechblock dated 1866. Lock plate 1862. Finished in the bright. ANTIQUE PENDING
Swiss Vetterli Bolt action rifle in 10.4Swiss. 33" barrel with hardwood stock. One of the early repeating rifles. 1000.00
Mauser DSM-34 Bolt action single shot rifle in .22lr. Hitler youth training rifle from 1941. 26" barrel with hardwood stock. SOLD
Springfield M1A Scout Semi-auto rifle in .308. Exceptional walnut stock. Fitted with scope rail. 18" barrel. Like new. SOLD
Browning Twelvette Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). "Double Auto" with hardwood stock, engraved receiver. Two barrel set (27" & 25") 1000.00
Winchester 62 Pump action rifle in .22Short. 23" round barrel. 1946 manufacture. 1100.00
Browning Twentyweight Classic semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). Twentyweight with engraved receiver, hardwood stock. 28" barrel. Original condition.   900.00
Weatherby Vanguard Bolt action rifle in .338 Win Mag. 25" barrel in matte finish with walnut stock. Scope and sling.   750.00
Model 1855 US Percussion Muzzle loader in .58Ball. 3-Band musket model with 40" barrel in bright finish. Fitted with tape primer. Lock plate 1857. Clean. ANTIQUE  3000.00
Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Single-shot rifle in 45-70. US model 1884 with 32" barrel. Hardwood stock with legible cartouche present. ANTIQUE   850.00
Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle Cap and ball rifle. 45Ball with 36" octagonal barrel. BLACK POWDER   500.00
Remington 700 Bolt action rifle in .308. SPS Varmint model with 26" hvy barrel. Synth stock.    750.00
Remington 710 Bolt action rifle in 7mm Rem Mag. Synthetic stock with 24" barrel. Leupold scope 4.5-14.  SOLD
S&W Safety Hammerless Classic revolver in 32S&W. Double action in nickel finish. 3.5" barrel.    750.00
Crickett CPR Bolt action youth rifle in .22lr. Tan stock with bipod, scope and factory box.   250.00
Marlin Ballard Schutzen rifle. Falling block action. Custom stock. 29" heavy barrel chambered in 32-40. Redfield 24X scope. 3000.00
Remington 788 Bolt action rifle in .243Win. Hardwood stock with 22" barrel. Period 4X scope.   500.00
Browning 1886 Classic lever action rifle in 45-70. 22" barrel, hardwood stock. Original box and papers. Like new. 1800.00
Spencer Carbine Classic lever action rifle. All original. 20" barrel. saddle ring. ANTIQUE 2000.00
Ruger Blackhawk Single action revolver in 41Mag. 6.5" barrel. Factory wood grips.    850.00
Ruger Single-six Single action revolver in 32H&R Mag. 5.5" barrel. Factory wood grips   750.00
Blackwater Sentry 12 Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Tan chassis with 18.5" barrel. Detachable magazine. Romeo 5 optic.   800.00
Winchester 9422 XTR Lever action rifle in .22lr. 22" barrel in blue finish. Custom laminate stock and additional walnut stock. 1000.00
S&W Mdl 1 1/2 Pocket size revolver in 32rimfire. Tip up barrel. Wood grips.   600.00
S&W 10-8 Custom PPC revolver. Designed as a steel race gun by Mac's 45 shop. Tuned action, bobbed hammer, weighted barrel, satin finish. REDUCED 1300.00
Ruger GP100 Large frame revolver in .357Mag. 4" barrel in blue finish. Tuned action.   725.00
Iver Johnson Top Break Compact revolver in .32S&W. Nickel finish with factory grips. 3" barrel.    400.00
Colt Baby Dragoon Black powder revolver in .31 Ball. Case hardened frame with 4" octagon barrel. Colt Factory reproduction. Original box.   720.00
S&W M&P 15 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Ca featureless model with A-post front sight.   700.00
Pardus PA Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black finish composite stock 18" barrel.    175.00
Simeon North 1843 Hall North with lever operated breech loader. .58 Ball. Hardwood stock. 21" barrel. ANTIQUE 2400.00
Iver Johnson Tip-up Double action pocket revolver in 32 S&W. Blue finish, factory grips. 3" barrel.   175.00
Mossberg 500 Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black furniture. 20" barrel with full length mag tube.  SOLD
Browning BT-99 Break action shotgun (12Ga). Trap gun with 34" high rib barrel and adjustable stock. 1950.00
Hopkins & Allen Dictator Compact revolver in 32rimfire. Nickel finish with 2.75" barrel. ANTIQUE   150.00
Marston & Sprague Pepperbox Antique revolver in .31ball. Blackpowder handgun with 3.25" barrels.   650.00
BRNO VZ24 Bolt action rifle in 8mm. 24" barrel with hardwood stock. All original. SOLD
Ruger Blackhawk Revolver in .357Mag. Convertible model with second 9mm cylinder. 6.5" barrel in black finish, wood grips. Factory box. SOLD
Valmet 412S Over and under shotgun (12GA). Walnut stock. Stainless receiver with 24" threaded barrels in blue finish. Finnish manufacture.   600.00
Liberty Arms LA-M4 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Free float handguard. Cross armory release. 16" barrel. Clean 1100.00
TriStar Classic Side by side shotgun (12Ga). 26" barrels with extended chokes. Checkered wood stock with case hardened receiver.   750.00
Norwich 1861 US percussion rifle. .54 ball with 40" barrel. Original bright finish. Clear cartouches on stock. Date stamped 1863. Good condition. ANTIQUE 2000.00
Simeon North 1817 US Flintlock Rifle. .54 ball with 36" 7-groove barrel. Dated 1829 on lockplate. Unconverted. In bright finish. Ramrod with brass tip. ANTIQUE 1500.00
Beretta A300 Semi-auto shotgun (12ga). Black synthetic stock with 28" barrel. Xtra chokes. SOLD
Ruger Vaquero Single action revolver in .32-20. Stainless finish with black grips. 5.5" barrel. Include second cylinder in 32 H&R Mag. Original box. 1800.00
Ruger Vaquero Same as above. Consecutive serial numbers. Limited production run offered exclusively through Davidsons. 1800.00
Browning A5 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 29.50" barrel. Hardwood stock and lightly engraved receiver.   800.00
Russian M44 Bolt action rifle in 7.62x54. Hardwood stock with 22" barrel. Bayonet. 1946 SOLD
Savage 24V-A Twin barrel break action rifle (30-30/20Ga). Hardwood stock. Case hardened receiver. 24" barrels. SOLD
CZ Mod 27 Semi-auto pistol in 32ACP.  Blue finish with wood grips. 3.5" barrel. Holster   600.00
S&W K-22 22lr revolver. Outdoorsman series (1931-1940). Blue finish with 6" barrel and factory wood grips. 2000.00
Charter Arms Explorer Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. Survival package that stows inside the butt of the rifle. Original box.   275.00
Springfield Model 1879 Trapdoor Single shot rifle in 45-70. Good example of late 1800's firearms. 32" barrel with hardwood stock. Low arch breech block. ANTIQUE   900.00
Browning SA22 Miroku Grade VI Semi-auto rifle in .22lr. Japanese manufacture from Miroku. Grade VI with scrolled receiver and gold highlights. Scoped. Modified Buttstock. 2000.00
S&W 686-6 Revolver chambered in .357Mag. Stainless finish with 4" barrel.   825.00
Rossi 88 Snub nose revolver in 38Spl. Stainless finish with 2" barrel wood grips. SOLD
Liberty Arms LA-M4 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Free float rail with 16" barrel and Cross Armory mag system. 1100.00
Savage 99 Lever action rifle in .300Savage. Fitted with scope and Paul Jaeger custom mount. Manufactured in 1951.   600.00
High Standard Sport King Semi-auto pistol in 22lr. Blue finish, factory wood grips, 6.5" barrel with original box   500.00
Maverick 88 Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Synth black stock with 18.5" barrel.  SOLD
Winchester Mdl 70 SuperGrade Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Checkered walnut stock with 24" barrel. Includes original box. Unfired. 2195.00
Remington 1858 Navy Black powder revolver in 36Ball. All original. 6" barrel. Wood grips.  ANTIQUE 1500.00
Springfield Saint Victor AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Free float handguard with 16" barrel. Featureless design with picatinny flattop.  1000.00
FN 49 Semi-auto rifle in .308. All original with wood stock and 23" barrel. SOLD
Benelli Nova Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black synth stock. 18.5" barrel. Ghost ring sight.   350.00
Stevens 320 Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black synthetic stock with 18.5" barrel.   200.00
Maverick 88 Bullpup Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Bullpup arrangement with polymer chassis.   495.00
Allen 1845 Pepper Box 6-shot revolver in 32 Ball. Made by Ethan Allen. Allens patent 1845. Barrels are 4". Light engraving on frame. Wood grips.   550.00
Sig P226 Scorpion Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Scorpion package in FDE with short reset trigger and nightsights. Fitted with Surefire X400 Ultra. Factory box. Clean SOLD
Tristar NKC Semi-auto shotgun (20Ga). Aluminum receiver in bright finish with hardwood stock. 26" threaded choke barrel.   500.00
Glock 17 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. 4.5" barrel. Gen 1 model.   550.00
Remington 700 Bolt action rifle in .308Win. Grey composite stock. Stainless action and barrel (24"). Williams rear peep sight, SOLD
Snider Artillery Carbine Early British breechloading rifle. Chambered in .577 with 23" barrel and hardwood stock. Sideplate reads ENFIELD 1859 1000.00
Steyr Model M Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Mannlicher stock, roto hammered 20" barrel. Double set triggers. 2000.00
Remington 521-T Bolt action rifle in .22lr. Mag fed. Hardwood stock. Trainer model with 24" barrel and Lyman rear sight, fitted with sling.   400.00
PTR 91 Semi-auto rifle in .308Win. Black finish with 18" barrel. 1200.00
Excel Arms MP-22 Semi-auto pistol in .22Mag. 8.5" barrel in stainless finish. SOLD
Marbles Game Getter Over and under break action rifle. .22lr/.410 combination. Folding skeleton stock. Second model produced post WWI. Excellent condition. 3200.00
Mossberg 715T Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. AR-platform design. 16" barrel. Box. Extra mags.   300.00
Kimber 84L Bolt action rifle in 25-06. Montana model in stainless finish with fiberglass grey stock. Lightweight hunter! SOLD
Shoeless Ventures FAB 10 AR-platform stripped lower. Toploader design with internal magazine.    75.00
Glock 19 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Compact model with 4" barrel. fixed sights and original case.   525.00
Dakota 76 Bolt action rifle chambered in 330 Dakota. Checkered walnut stock. 23" barrel. Swarovski scope.   6000.00
Kidd Classic Custom benchrest .22 rifle. Kidd slip fit receiver with 21.5" custom barrel. Kidd scalloped bolt, 2-stage trigger. Extended mag release lever. Custom laminate stock gloss finish  1250.00
Japanese Nambu Semi-auto pistol in 8mm nambu. Type 14 model with original wood grips and 4.75" barrel.  1000.00
Sig M400 Tread AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Juggernaut grip. Romeo optic. 16" barrel. Clean. SOLD
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Grade 1 Over and under shotgun (20ga). 28" barrels. Original case, chokes, tools, manual. Excellent condition.  2000.00
Beretta 3032 Tomcat Compact pistol in 32ACP. Stainless finish with 2.5" tip-up barrel.    450.00
Sig SP2022 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Standard sights. 3.75" barrel. Tan grip. Original box w/ two mags. SOLD
Colt Anaconda Classic large frame revolver in 44Mag. Stainless finish with 4" barrel.   3000.00
Winchester Mdl 12 Pump action shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrel. Hardwood stock. 1957    800.00
Winchester Mdl 12 Pump action shotgun (20Ga) with 28" barrel. Hardwood stock. 1954  1200.00
Winchester Mdl 42 Pump action shotgun (.410) with 26" barrel. Hardwood stock. 1947  2000.00
Stevens Mdl 35 Break action pistol in .22Short. 6" barrel with original finish. Nice 100 year old pistol.    600.00
Benelli SBE 3 Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrel. Original case, chokes and manual. Preowned but never fired.    1500.00
Whitney 1861 Navy Percussion Single-shot .69 Caliber muzzle loader. 10,000 units produced 1861-1864. 34" barrel in correct bright finish with hardwood stock. 1862  ANTIQUE SOLD
Stevens 107B Break action 12Ga shotgun. 30" barrel. Case hardened receiver.  SOLD
Springfield 1898 Krag Bolt action rifle in 30-40 Krag. All original with 30" barrel and wood stock. Visible cartouche and proof markings. Needs new top wood.  1200.00
Remington 660 Bolt action rifle in .243Win. Compact model with 20" barrel. Hardwood stock, scope (steel weaver) and sling.   750.00
Spanish Mauser Bolt action rifle in 22-250. Sporterized with hardwood stock. Receiver stamped "Oviedo" and is drilled. Remington barrel.    250.00
Excel Arms MP-22 Semi-auto pistol in .22Mag. Stainless 8.5" barrel. Extra magazines.    450.00
Glock 19 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. 4" barrel. Accessories include Vortex red dot.     550.00
Savage 99 Lever action rifle in 300Savage. Brass rotor with round count window. Case hardened features. Wood stock. Receiver has been tapped. 1951    800.00
Colt Police Positive Classic revolver in 22WRF. All original with blue finish and factory grips. 6" barrel.    800.00
S&W M&P15 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Free float  M-lok handrail. Optic ready design. 16" barrel. Juggernaut release system. SOLD
Kimber K6S Target Revolver chambered in .357Mag. Stainless steel finish. 4" barrel. Adjustable rear sight, wood grips. Factory soft case and manual  SOLD
Taurus 669 Medium frame revolver in .357Mag. Bright stainless finish. 4" ported barrel. Adjustable rear sight and factory rubber grips.   SOLD
DSA ZM4 AR-Platform rifle in 5.56. CA compliant featureless design with Thordsen stock. Integrated carry handle with A-post front sight.    650.00
Bergara B-14 Bolt action rifle in .308. Speckled green soft touch stock. 22" tapered barrel in matte black. Includes set of leupold rings and bases.    750.00
Benelli Nova Pump action shotgun (20Ga) with 24" vent rib barrel. Threaded choke.    300.00
Ithaca M-66 Lever activated break action shotgun (20Ga). 26" barrel. SOLD
Remington 870 Youth Pump action shotgun (20Ga). 21" barrel. Youth model (discontinued).    400.00
Brigade BM 9 AR-Platform rifle in 9mm. CA compliant with free float rail. Takes glock mags. Clean    750.00
Winchester 1300 Pump action shotgun (12Ga) with 28" vent rib barrel. Wood stock    250.00
Remington 870 Pump action shotgun (12Ga) 18" barrel. Side-folding stock. Pistol grip. SOLD
Springfield XD-9 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Two-tone model with stainless slide. Extra mags.   475.00
Browning Hi Power Olympian Bolt action rifle in 300Win. High grade model with engraved scenes and custom checkering. 25" barrel.     7500.00
Kimber TLE/RL Semi-auto pistol in 45ACP. Full size 1911 with 5" barrel. Half-rail. Finished in blue with Wilson Combat grips.  1000.00
Sig Sauer 1911 Semi-auto pistol in 45ACP. 1911 design in stainless finish with 5" barrel. Wood panel grips. Original box. SOLD
Glock 34 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Long slide model with 5" barrel.    600.00
Kaiser Defense KR5 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. 16" barrel with 15" handguard. Troy Battlelink sights. Eotech optic. SOLD
S&W M&P 15-22 Semi-auto rifle in 22lr. AR platform design with 16" barrel.   300.00
JR Carbine Semi-auto rifle in 45ACP. 16" barrel. Accepts glock magazines. PENDING
Remington 700 Bolt action rifle in 30-06. Laminate wood stock with stainless barrel and action. 23" barrel.  SOLD
S&W 629-6 Large frame revolver in 44Mag. Stainless finish with 4" barrel. Original factory case.    950.00
Colt 1911A1 Semi-auto pistol in 45ACP. Military issue 1942/1943. All original.  4300.00
S&W M&P 15 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. 16" barrel with clamshell forend. A-post front sight.   525.00
Mossberg SA-20 Semi-auto shotgun (20Ga) with 23" barrel. Youth model.   600.00
Nemesis Wind Runner Bolt action rifle in .308. Tactical take down model. 20" barrel. Fantastic trigger. Discreet case.  3300.00
Browning Gold Hunter Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga). Walnut stock. 22" rifled barrel. Nikon scope. Factory hard case.   700.00
Remington 531-S Bolt action rifle in .22lr. Walnut stock with 26" barrel. Bushnell scope & sling. Includes original rear sight.  1000.00
Remington 870 Tactical Pump action shotgun (12Ga). Black synth stock. Express ghost ring sight. Breacher choke.    550.00
Ruger Mini-14 Semi-auto rifle in 5.56. Stainless finish with black synthetic stock.   950.00
Winchester XTR Featherweight Bolt action rifle in 7mm Mauser. Push feed action with 22" barrel. Checkered walnut stock. Jewelled bolt. Leupold scope. Original box.  1100.00
Glock 27 Semi-auto pistol in 40S&W. Subcompact model with 3.5" barrel.  SOLD
Beretta 686 Silver Pigeon Over and under shotgun (12Ga). Walnut stocks, 28" barrels. Factory case with manual, chokes. Like new.  2000.00
Springfield Professional From the custom shop. 1911 pistol in 45ACP. Blued finish. Wood grips. Full size model with 5" barrel.   4500.00
Christensen Arms CA556 AR-platform rifle in 5.56. Tungsten finish. Carbon fiber wrapped barrel. Free float rail with carbon fiber panels. Juggernaut release. Clean  1700.00
Springfield 1884 Trapdoor Rifle Single-shot rifle in 45-70. Rifle model in original configuration. Buffington rear sight. ANTIQUE  1000.00
Winchester XPR Bolt action rifle chambered in 300WSM. Black synthetic stock. 24" barrel. fitted with Vortex scope.   500.00
Beretta AL391 Urika Semi-auto shotgun (12Ga) with 28" barrel. Black and grey synthetic stock. Hard case with additional chokes and manual.  1000.00
Winchester Mdl 70 Featherweight Bolt action rifle in .243. Pre-64 model with control feed action. 22" barrel. Walnut stock. Period steel Weaver scope.  1700.00
Glock 21 Large frame pistol in 10mm. 4.5" barrel. Original case and two mags.   600.00
Sig P226 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Base model with 4.4" barrel. Black finish. Original case. Two mags.   850.00
Mauser P08 German semi-auto pistol in 9mm. 4" barrel. Shooter condition with holster. SOLD
Winchester 94 Lever action rifle in .375Win. Big bore lever with walnut stock and 20" barrel in blue. Preowned but like new condition with original hang tag. No box.  1450.00
Springfield XD-9 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Standard model with 4" barrel and fixed sights. Original box and two mags. Very clean!   450.00
Browning Mdl 12 Grade V Pump action shotgun (28Ga) with 26" vent rib barrel. High grade walnut stock in gloss finish. Engraved receiver with gold highlights. 1800.00
Browning Mdl 42 
Grade V
Pump action shotgun (.410) with 26" vent rib barrel. High grade walnut stock in gloss finish. Engraved receiver with gold highlights.  2700.00
CZ 2075 Rami Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Sub-compact model with 3" barrel. Black finish with original case and two mags. Discontinued by CZ. SOLD
Heritage Rough Rider Single action revolver in .22lr. Black finish, wood grips. 4.5" barrel. Includes second cylinder in .22mag.   150.00
GSG-16 Semi-auto rifle in .22lr. German made imported by ATI. 16" barrel, collapsible stock. Includes three mags.   325.00
Ruger Mini 14 Semi-auto rifle in 5.56. Blue finish with black synthetic stock. 18.5" barrel. Fitted with 3-9x40 scope. Extra mags. SOLD
Ruger GP100 Large frame revolver in .357Mag. 3" barrel in stainless finish with original box.   700.00
S&W M&P Older revolver in 38Special. Nickel finish with 5" barrel.   400.00
S&W Mdl 36 Snub nose revolver in 38Spl. Chief's special in blue finish with flat latch release. SOLD
Dickinson XX3 Pump action shotgun (12Ga) with 18" barrel. Marine coat finish. Hard case.   200.00
Ruger Mini-14 Semi-auto rifle in 5.56. Stainless finish with black synthetic stock. Original box, mags and rings.   900.00
Browning Challenger Semi-auto pistol in 22lr. Blue finish with 6 3/4" barrel. Checkered wood grips. Factory zippered case. Belgian manufacture.(1967)   825.00
Browning Challenger Semi-auto pistol in 22lr. Blue finish with 4.5" barrel. Checkered wood grips. Belgian manufacture (1965)   725.00
Ruger Single-Six Single action revolver in 22lr. Blue finish with wood grips. 5.5" barrel. Factory box and manual.   425.00
Glock 27 Compact semi-auto pistol in 40S&W. 3.5" barrel. Hard case extra mags   450.00
Sig SP2022 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Black finish. Rail mounted laser. Original case.   500.00
Franchi Instinct SL Over and under shotgun (20Ga). 28"  blued barrels with threaded chokes. Walnut stock. Alloy receiver in bright finish. Factory hard case  1500.00
Glock 19 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Two tone design with frame in FDE. 4" barrel. Original case.   500.00
Mauser 1888 Bolt action rifle rebarreled in .308. Receiver stamped G.G.HAENEL SUHL 1890. "as-is"   600.00
Mauser 98 Bolt action rifle in 8x57. Sporterized with aftermarket stock. 24" stepped barrel. Drop leaf rear sight. Receiver stamped G.E.W. 98. "as-is"   800.00
1898 Krag Carbine Bolt action rifle in 30-40Krag. Saddle ring cargine with original stock. 22" barrel.   700.00
Glock 20SF Semi-auto pistol in 10mm. 4.75" barrel. Original case.   550.00
Springfield XD-9 Semi-auto pistol in 9mm. Standard model with 4" barrel. Two mags.   400.00

Collectors Corner

View the Trapdoor inventory!

Model 1879 U.S Trapdoor - Features thicker wider receiver. Low arch breechblock. Early model with breechblock dated 1873. Buckhorn rear sight. Original condition. Barrel in brown patina.

Offered at $900

Model 1884 U.S. Trapdoor - Surface metal has been cleaned and the patina removed. Includes period bayonet. Changes to this model include the introduction of the Buffington rear sight and bronze firing pin. The cartridge for the 1884 utilized a 500 grain bullet up from the initial 405 grain.

Offered at $1,000

Model 1888 U.S. Trapdoor - This is a very fine example in its original condition and well cared for. Visible cartouche on the stock. Remnants of the original finish present on the barrel. Includes sliding ramrod bayonet and leather sling. This represents the final model of the trapdoor series. Offered for $1800

Offered at $1,800

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